The Sourdough Factory opened its doors on the 18th October 2018, for a new sense of purpose. It is to cater for wholesale supply of artisan bread. The location is in 5 Mandai Link, pin dropped in the north central part onĀ Google map. The factory build up is merely 2626 square feet and the facility was built base on strict requirements specified by the chef owner. His experience is largely gained through five years of his time in a bakery along Keong Saik road. The journey started since 2012.


Since day one, artisan bread making has became his bread and butter. The word “Artisan” may have been misused in today’s context. Artisan bread per say, basically means bread made without the use of preservative, additive or flavor enhancer, and of course through handcraft. These hand crafted buns, loaves and viennoiseries are unlike from its Asian counterparts. Artisan bread proofs between 8 to 12 hours whereras the latter may be ready to bake after proofing for an hour or two. And these artisan bread sit in the chilled and controlled air condition. This is to create the perfect environment for the dough to rise with time. One was taught, the secret recipe to artisan baking is mastering temperature control with baker’s patience. This tagline remains true to us.

During the process of artisan bread making, yeast from the cultured bread starter (levain) begins to feed on the sugar and starch of the dough. As a result, carbon dioxide is produced within the gluten structure that is developed through kneading. And flavours are created in this whole process that took between 12 to 24 hours.


It is 5 am in the morning and the baker opens the door of the proofing chamber. The yeasty aroma, somewhat sweet alcohol scent fills the air. As the oven pre-heats, the baker brushes egg on the smooth silky skin of every risen bread before sending them to the hot chamber that does miracles.The aromatic waft of freshly baked bread welcomes the Keong Saik neighbourhood every morning. Today, we continue to bake and feed the mouth of the lovely folks in the area. Tourists to Singapore google for direction in search of the best bakery here. Every morning we still greet Bonjour! to every customer who swings open the bakery door. We remain adamant and passionate about artisan baking, preserving and defending the bread-making tradition. Bread & Hearth will always be the home where we started.

alt="wholesale of artisan country bread"


This is a country loaf made with sourdough starter. It has a medium density and high moisture retention. The bread skin gets crispy when toasted and a malty flavour develops upon grilling with butter.

alt="wholesale of artisan rustic white bread"


This is an all-white wheat T65 sourdough. The classic white rustic bread for daily breakfast use, it is perfect with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

alt="wholesale of sourdough traditional bread"


This is a traditional rye sourdough with a recipe that has a unique flavour using an in-house blend of flour. It is able to hold up culinary sauce very well and it is a perfect pair to avocado.

alt="wholesale of multigrain bread"


We adopt the use of 7 seeds and nuts in the making of this multigrain loaf. The use of this bread is versatile, as it is good with soup or open faced dish..


It is through the long fermentation process and technique, we are able to bring about the superior quality of artisan bread in conserving a tradition. With our in-house cultured sourdough starter used as a natural leavening agent, it gives a perfect rise to the bread. The passion for perfection has made our bread the choice of many renowned and award-winning chefs in Singapore. They are being used as the base for many of their exquisite creations. Take a close look to the bread accompaniment of the dish found in your favourite cafe. It might be one of the bread of labor from Sourdough Factory, and possibly in your insta story during the upcoming weekend

What drives us forward and beyond is your love for bread!


Sourdough factory strives to be the leading artisan bread supplier in Singapore, mainly supplying sourdough based bread. These artisan bread are made by adopting the use of French wheat flour. To do so, we have to work closely with the French flour millers, and we import up to 5 different flour types. As a result we are able to blend different flour types to create recipe of our own while redefining the quality of artisan bread today. The lactic acid in the sourdough (levain) is the key determinant to the success of our signature loaves, Pain De Campagne and Sourdough Bread. Among these rustic bread selections, the ever popular Italian Ciabatta is made with the biga starter. Feeding different types of bread starter is the greatest joy in the bakery.

We are also known for our Viennoiserie and have the largest collection in Singapore. They includes croissant, pain au chocolat, raisin swirl, cheese danish and up to ten other types. We produce brioche burger bun for renowned chef owners who operate gourmet burger restaurants in Singapore. Our clientele ranges from cafe, restaurant, hotel, caterer & ship chandlers.