Sourdough Bread


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Bonjour! Today we are talking about how sourdough bread are used in most commercial kitchen. Many chef around the world chose sourdough bread as one of the building block for their dishes for various reasons. We all know sourdough bread is one tricky bread to make in your kitchen. There are too many versions of sourdough bread recipe, so I will share recipes you could use in my future post the other variants available. And how they differs in terms of flavor, sense of aroma, acidity and texture. How many different type of sourdough starter are available? How different sourdough starter contribute to different dough leavening speed, flavor and color.

What makes sourdough bread the choice for many chefs? It is a very versatile carbohydrate with health benefits.


  1. Sourdough bread are strong in terms of structure, and the strength it is derived from the process of making it. One has to fold many times to achieve a certain level of gluten network in order to hold the water hydration. Thus chef uses them as a strong base to hold up sauces and other meat and vegetables ingredients.
  2. They are natural moisture retainer. In the process of kneading and folding, the gluten network creates multiple layers of cross chained molecule to pocket in as much as water it could, as a result, it retain the water within. Therefore sourdough are moist under the skin crust, even without the existence of fats.
  3. There are no fats in the recipe, essentially sourdough does not contain any form of fats. It is a lean dough and therefore making it a belly buster! I lost couple of pounds by taking sourdough bread for breakfast everyday for 2 weeks.
  4. Sourdough bread does not call for sugar, the browning of bread comes from the high heat of a conduction oven (260 deg top & 250 deg bottom) when its perfectly leaven to thin the skin crust.


Butter is one of the best preferred fat for bread. The lactose sugar give a nice golden brown finishing on the cross sections of the sliced sourdough bread. Toasting a sourdough bread without butter takes a much longer time to brown. And chefs love to infuse flavor into their bread. Once its nicely toasted, the cross section side of the sliced bread turns crispy and act as a good barrier for any saucy topping, from avocado mash to guacamole. This is commonly seen on the cafe menu, avocado toast.


We have seen many chef dishing out bread baskets as a starter during dinner service. This is because they are the best hungry suppressant, buying you some time for the entree. Most of the fully functional kitchen have either an electric/gas griddle or a char-broiler. This is a piece of wonderful cooking equipment, because the close contact surface to food prevents moisture lost and helps to cook through quickly. As for sourdough bread, it leaves a beautiful char grill mark on. This cooking method via the conduction heat brings out the full flavor of the bread. Spanish restaurant serve it with tomato relish & garlic sauteed in EVOL (extra virgin olive oil). Bruschetta does not necessarily call for the use of baguette, because sourdough bread works well too.


This is one of the preferred way I adopt to serve my sourdough bread and by far the best way I like it for consumption. When its reheated in the salamander toaster oven, the skin gets so crispy like a crackling biscuit. It makes it perfect for a sandwich bread. The ambient heat from the heating element gets into the bread core, as a result the inner flesh gets soften and tender. After toasted, slice it up with a serrated knife, drizzle EVOL and balsamic glaze along with freshly ground black pepper on. Grand finale, stuff in premium honey baked ham & sliced cheddar cheese. Jambon Fromage, Bon appetit!


Using sourdough bread in the commercial kitchen is no longer a rarity. On the contrary, the use of regular frozen bread loaf that are fortified with dough improver are taking a back seat in today’s context. Reason being, many discerning bread lover are putting emphasis on health values nowadays. Such commercialized bread could be made to last in freezer and be transported across borders for trade. In an attempt to win the heart of chefs for convenience. We hope this blog post encourages more sourdough bread users, so send in your enquiry today and feel free to ask for sample when you register with us.

Henry, the sourdough baker

A baking enthusiast who bakes for the chef who creates.