bakery wholesaler

Sourdough Factory, being a bakery wholesaler has been in the business since year 2012. It being a bread & bun supplier has collected a library of bread arrays. Of which, our Sourdough Traditionel being the signature product as the company name suggest. On large scale production, we are able to maintain the quality consistency. Our Sourdough bread are widely use on the dining table today by top cafes & restaurants. It is versatile and act as a good base for dish creation. Other range of product includes, burger bun, ciabatta sandwich bread, cubano sandwich bread, sweet rye bread & boule for bread starter. 


Supplying sourdough bread & gourmet burger bun to chef has been the greatest joy for our bakers. It is especially delightful when we witness the success of their dishes on the menu. Today, we continue to explore our creation work and expand our library of bread & bun supply.

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