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Sourdough Bread Supplier

Sourdough Factory is the leading wholesale bread supplier in Singapore, and baking sourdough bread for chefs is our greatest satisfaction. Albeit wholesale, it is an end to end process that takes up to 24 hours to produce a traditional sourdough. We also supply burger bun, croissants, bread loaf, bread roll, ciabatta, sandwich bread, brownie, scones, muffins and cookies. We establish relationship with French farmers & millers to bring in our range our French wheat flour, because making artisan bread affordable for cafeswine bistro and restaurants is our priority! Contact your preferred Sourdough Bread Supplier (Singapore) today!


Beautiful bread, great customer service, I need to say one of the best bakeries in Singapore, especially I love the Sourdough and the Croissant.
Henry and the team are very strict with their production when we have any inconsistency, they are always willing to discuss and correct it. They take feedback very well and are always on time with deliveries.
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Chef Owner of Rabbit Carrot Gun

Breakfast BREAD

The perfect breakfast toast for the avocado dish that every café serves to their delightful customers. Behind the scene we are the driven wholesale bread supplier you can trust in Singapore.


At Sourdough Factory, we bake to order, adhere to strict requirement of supplying freshly baked bread. Sandwich shop owners are constantly looking out for freshly baked bread loaf, sandwich bread and burger bun supply.


The versatility of our sourdough bread has made us the number one choice in Singapore. Many Restaurants & Fine Dining Concepts have been using our sourdough bread to create wonderful dishes. We are constantly meeting the demands of Michelin starred chefs.

How to bring the best out of our Sourdough?

Our master baker recommends that you grill our sourdough, it is the perfect pair with dinner mains such as red meat and grill chicken.

Wholesale bread supply

Our Sweets Collection

Browse through our library of pastry collection, you find the product of our labor. Apart from the range of rustic bread, we cater to wholesale supply of freshly baked double chocolate brownie, banana loaf, scones, chocolate & blueberry muffins. They are the best pair to coffee or tea in your cafes.

Contact Us

If there is any question you would like to ask regarding wholesale bread & bun supply, write in to us! All enquiries are directed to our master baker, request for our product catalogue today!